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Heating jacket, heating wire, heating cord, heat tape, heating network

Electric heating element

Founded in Paris in 1983 by the Jacques le Bourgeois, AAA-TELEC is based in Saint-Germain-de-la-Grange, near Paris.

After 10 years of making heating elements for household appliances (such as refrigerators, freezers and hot plates), AAA-TELEC diversified into making heating ribbons for protection against freezing and for temperature control of water pipes, in keeping snow off gutters, and also in the manufacture of heating appliances for body care (slimming, relaxation and revitalization).

Then, it developed heating cables for the professional refrigeration market (door frames for cold storage rooms, condensation flow, de-misting refrigerated showcases), as well as in heating cables for horticulture (heating mats for germination and cuttings).
It now also develops heated industrial blankets and sheeting for the food, chemical, automotive, cosmetics, aerospace, and telephone industries.

3A Telec 6 Chemin de la Vallée Yart 78640 Saint-Germain-de-la-Grange